Los Alamitos Show Choir

Information for Parents

Parent Presentation

Click here to see the presentation from the Parents' Information Meeting held on Jun 13, 2022. The presentation will provide you a general overview of our program, shows, activities, fundraisers and schedule.

Choir Fees

Our award-winning Los Alamitos Show Choir program is 100% dependent upon our choir fees and fundraising as well as our parent volunteers to function. We have several categories of choir fees:

Participation Donations are fully tax deductible and partially fund program costs such as competition costumes, props, competition fees, music licenses and arrangements, and other production costs. Transportation Fees pay for the buses to and from Southern California competitions and other special performances. Our advanced choirs Sound FX and Soundtrax attend retreats in the fall and an out-of-state national competition in the spring.

How do I make a payment for Choir Fees?

Three Options:

  1. Check (payable to Note-Able Booster Club) and send it to the address below or in the Redbox in the Choir Room (be sure to include your student’s name on the memo line).
  2. ACH payment from your checking or savings account on this website or on the BoosterHub mobile app.
  3. Credit card on this website or on the BoosterHub mobile app.

See "Choir Fees" options in our Choir Shop 

Frequently Asked Questions

When do we have to pay?

Although there is no set deadline, it would be helpful to receive the Participation Donation as soon as possible.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes! Automatic installation payments are available for Participation Donation, as well as Nationals fees. Make your choice when you pay for the fees at Choir Shop.

How do the fundraisers work?

A portion of individual fundraisers are deposited as Choir Credits into your student’s BoosterHub account. These credits can be used to offset the cost of choir fees as well as other purchases. See our Fundraisers page for more information.

Are Choir Fees the same as Booster Sponsorships?

No. Choir fees are for each student to participate in our program. Booster Sponsorships support our program and are more connected to our four home shows since Booster Sponsorships offer Season Ticket options for the performances and early access to purchase individual show tickets before they are released to the general public. See Booster Sponsorship page for more information.

Are the fees tax deductible?

The Participation Donations are fully tax deductible. Please consult with your tax advisor.

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