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Every Singer Needs A Boost

Every time one of our choir groups steps on stage, it takes an army behind the scenes to support the army of performers under the spotlights. Make no mistake about it, every student in our program is part of a bigger team that begins at home and continues during choir classes and rehearsals. Most important, they are part of a team each time they step on stage to perform.

Family members, our creative team, tech crew, volunteers, program donors, the people who attend our shows and dozens of others throughout the community all do their part so that the team on stage can do what they do best. It is through the ideas that "many hands make light work" and team work that allows our choir program to be as successful as it is.

And that means in the end, everyone can take a bow.

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Note-Ables meetings are held on the second Thursday of every month beginning at 7 pm.  

All Booster Club correspondence should be sent to:

Note-Ables Booster Club

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The Note-Ables Booster Club is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

Tax ID Number is 33-0879724.

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